PageStack.find and qml files pages [Solved]

  • Hi All,

    I use PageStack.find function without issues when I search for a page in the stack which was originating from the main file.
    But when a page is loaded from a separate file I seems to be missing the logic of what I should be doing to get proper response...

    console.log(pageStack.find(function(id) { return id == "page1id" }))@

    So basically after I pushed Page1 to the stack I want to use find function to get to know if it is there.
    What is the trick?

    Read the documentation and it is quite not getting clarity for me...

  • Hi,

    I suppose that page1id is inside Page1.qml, so I think that it is not visible.

    Edit: I found "this":
    "Each id value in a QML document must be unique within that document. They do not need to be unique across different documents as id values are resolved according to the document scope."

  • Hmm what should I do then to use pageStack.find to find these separate QML files? any advice?

    PS: thanks for expalining the reason though anyway!!

  • Based on "this example": I can suggest you to use some page identifiers. For example, add uid property to every PageN.qml.

    pageStack.pop(pageStack.find(function(page) {
    return page.uid == "uid you want";

  • i will try that but how this uid will become visible as your previous post suggests this uid will also remain unseen for the pagestack?

  • All properties of items are visible, only id is not. So you need some property that has unique value in every page.

  • ahh got it. thanks a million. Solved

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