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Qt Creator IDE debugging Fortran Static Library

  • Hi, I wrote a single file Fortran Static Library (*.lib) in DEBUG mode using Microsoft Visual Studio + Intel Visual Fortran Compiler 2019 and I'm calling this library inside my Qt C++ application.
    All works ok!

    Using Qt Creator IDE I can put a break point in the calling library line and press F11 to step into the Fortran source code. So Qt Creator IDE opens the Fortran source code and I can press F10 to go line by line inside of it. This also works great.

    My problem is that: The Qt Creator IDE debugger cannot show to me the current Fortran variables values like it does em C++. It only shows the "plain-text" Fortran source code.

    I would like to see these values changing in execution time and debug this library like I debug my C++ code.

    Is it possible?

    Thank you,

  • Sorry, Qt Creator IDE debugger CAN show the current Fortran variables values...

    I was trying to see a string parameter, but I forgot that is variable type is a pointer to a C string array...

    All working...all ok...

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