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parsing XML with XmlListModel

  • Hello,

    I'm trying to parse XML with:

       XmlListModel {
            id: l1Item
            source: "file:///D:/txtav/1View/libraries/ml-b-200/b200mm/32/323137_5.xml"
            property bool ready: false
            XmlRole { name: "columnValue"; query: "string()" }
            onStatusChanged:  {
                ready = (status == XmlListModel.Ready)
                    //read ()
                    for (var i=0;i<count;i++)
                        var columnValue=l1Item.get(i).columnValue
                        console.log("i: "+i+" entry: "+entry+"columnValue: "+columnValue)

    with this code I get text but not only the l2item but l2item + all child of l2item (l2item +list3+l3item+caution+...)

    the XML has to be parse is like:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <!DOCTYPE pgblk SYSTEM "../../combined-XML.dtd"
    [ ]>
    <pgblk chapnbr="05" chg="n" convert2xml_version="" dataversion="2.0" ear-class="9E991" export-control="ear" gentext="INSPECTION/CHECK" id="b200mm-051100pb601r0" issue="E" manual-type="mm" model="200" pgblknbr="6" pubnumber="b200mm" revlevel="0" sectnbr="11" special-handling="none" subjnbr="00">
    <hotlink targetid="b200mm-051100pb601r0"></hotlink>
    <chgdesc revbar="t"><unlist revbar="t"><unlitem revbar="t"><para revbar="t">Inspection program standardization.</para></unlitem></unlist></chgdesc><title>OVERHAUL AND REPLACEMENT SCHEDULE</title>
    <hotlink targetid="b200mm-051100pb601_bm01"></hotlink>
    <l1item gentext="1." id="b200mm-051100pb601_bm01"><para>Overhaul and Replacement Schedule</para>
    <l2item gentext="A."><para>General</para>
    <l3item gentext="(1)"><para>The first overhaul and replacement must be performed not later than the recommended period. The condition of the item at the end of the first period can be used as a criterion for determining subsequent periods applicable to the individual airplane or fleet operation, provided the operator has an approved condition-monitoring system.</para>
    <l3item gentext="(2)"><para>The time periods for overhaul and replacement noted in this manual are based on average usage and average environmental conditions.</para>
    <l3item gentext="(3)"><para>If a system is opened, disconnected or changed in anyway, perform an operational check of the system.</para>
    <caution><para>The recommended periods do not constitute a guarantee the item will reach the period without malfunction as the aforementioned factors cannot be controlled by the manufacturer.</para>
    <note><para>The date on the &quot;ORIGINAL AIRWORTHINESS CERTIFICATE&quot;, FAA Form No. 8100-2, which is issued with each new airplane, is to be used as the basis for all TBO or replacement components listed in the following schedule. </para></note><note><para>Textron Aviation Inc. (TAI) recommends that operators record the number of cycles used on individual components for purposes of complying with inspections based on cycle count.</para></note><l3item gentext="(4)"><para>For purposes of establishing intervals listed hereafter, the experience of Textron Aviation Inc. (TAI) indicates that each component experiences approximately one cycle per airplane flight hour in normal operation.</para>
    <l3item gentext="(5)"><para>Items not listed in the Overhaul and Replacement Schedule are to be overhauled or replaced &quot;On Condition&quot;. If &quot;On Condition&quot; items are worn, inoperative, inaccurate, intermittent and are not repairable through normal maintenance practices, they must be overhauled or replaced.</para></l3item>

    How can I have para only of the requested line?...

    Thank a lot for your help

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