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Building process never ends

  • Hello, dear Qt developers.
    I have a question on building my Qt -widget project.
    About 2 or 3 days ago, when I try to build project I created earlier, compiler starts process but can not finish it sucessfully, it creates another qmake process:

    C:\Qt\5.12.4\mingw73_32\bin\qmake.exe -o Makefile ..\wxTest2\ -spec win32-g++ "CONFIG+=debug" "CONFIG+=qml_debug"

    And that happens infinitly (creating of qmake process). I think the reason of is that: Qt gets relative path to project. qmake can not find the project file, exits, and new process is about to start.
    On another computer it all works OK, and qmake process creates with absolute path.
    So, what's the real reason of it? What I should do to make the qmake process uses the absolute path, as it was on another machine and earlier on that one?

  • @valentine

    Hi and welcome to devnet forum

    IIRC the relative path shall impose a problem.

    Did you rerun qmake in Qt creator?
    Did you restart the PC?

    Did you move the project?

  • Thanks for trying to help me.
    I run qmake from Qt Creator.
    I didn't move project.

    I guess I have found the reason. For using evaluation version of LabView software more longer I put back system clock to 2017.
    And this action changed the behaviour of qmake utility. When I returned system clock back to 2019 everething is worked as expected. Qmake now gets absolute path of the project again.
    On my other computer I didn't put system clock back, so there is no problem there.

    This behaviour of qmake utility is confusing a little bit.

  • @valentine

    Well what do you expect of qmake. The only choice is to rely on date and time to know what is older and has to be replaced.

    Removing the build folder should have solved "your problem" as well.

    Please marked the thread as solved.

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