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Best way to create screens?

  • Hi,

    I am new to QT and i am trying to design the GUI of my application.

    How should i create a screen? in C++ or QML?
    Should each screen be a QML file and i load the correct QML file based on a button click or event?
    If using the StackView, does it not take up alot of memory having all the screens in my application stack ontop of each other and in memory? Imagine my app has 30 screens.

    Ideally i would like to create all my screens in QML as well as all the button interactions. Example, button A clicked takes you to Screen A, button B clicked takes you to Screen C.

  • @kangarooyellow My vote is to use QML. I just finished a project using it and I was very happy with it. Yes, one QML file per screen. Having 30 screens stacked on top of each other is a bad design. Think of a better way. There's a lot to learn, not just with the GUI but with interaction with your C++ code. Take a look at some examples. Good luck.

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