QT-creator on mac is missing examples

  • TLDR: Running qt creator 4.9.2 on macOS mojave 10.14. Installed it using brew cask install qt-creator no examples are shown, and the drop down menu in welcome mode > examples is empty even after configuring a valid qmake version in preferences > kit > qt version

    Long version
    So i installed QT creator using the command brew cast install qt-creator and it all worked fine.

    After running Qt Creator it could not find any default qmake all the documentation states that it should be in tools > options > kit until i finally found that on mac it is actually located in preferences > kit > qt version and that the FileOpenDialog does not show hidden files and you need to press option + shift + G and then search for the folder where qmake is installed.

    None of this is in any official qt documentation btw.

    So finally, got started tried out building the notepad app, everything worked fine.

    Now i wanted to try out some of the examples, entered Welcome Mode > Examples and everything is empty. There is nothing in the fold out meny. No QT version, no examples.

    found this link Qt_Examples_in_Qt_Creator that states that there should be a $QTCREATORDIR/share/qtcreator/welcomescreen/qtcreator_tutorials.xml file, this i cannot find on mac.

    • Is there any up to date documentation about setting/troubleshooting up QT creator on mac?
    • is installing qt using brew valid?
    • any docs on troubleshooting qt-creater installations on mac?
    • how do i get the examples working on mac?

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    Hi @toerktumlare, welcome.

    I guess your problem is the same as with the distribution packages on Linux: they are no official distribution, but package programs like they want.

    You can use the official installer and should get everything set up correctly: http://download.qt.io/official_releases/online_installers/

    For homebrew, you will need to search if there are more packages that you can install.

    None of this is in any official qt documentation btw.

    As said, blame the packager. The Qt Company is unguilty for that :)


  • @aha_1980 I do not understand if the Current HomeBrew packages aren't good, why the Qt company and the community doesn't step up and fix them? macOS pro users want to and should use a package manager and HomeBrew is the current gold standard.

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    @fsfarimani said in QT-creator on mac is missing examples:

    the Qt company and the community doesn't step up and fix them

    Feel free to step up and maintain the brew packages :)


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