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[IFW] How did'nt remove moved file from SimpleMoveFile operation on uninstalling

  • Hi,
    It's my first message on the forum.
    I'm a little lost with Qt Installer Framework.
    During the installation, I move shared files with SimpleMoveFile operation. During the uninstallation process, I need to not remove these files because it's common files used from other plugins. How I can bypass the deletion?

    Same problem here, but no solution:

    Finaly I decide to create my own operation like that:

    #pragma once
    #include <UpdateOperation>
    class MoveNoUninstallOperation : public KDUpdater::UpdateOperation
        explicit MoveNoUninstallOperation(QInstaller::PackageManagerCore *core = 0);
        void backup();
        bool performOperation();
        bool undoOperation();
        bool testOperation();

    But #include <UpdateOperation> is not found. I found no information on the documentation about the module to add in the .pro in QT var.

    Any help is welcom

    Edit3: No include file found for ifw installation folder or in Qt directory

  • @sebastien247
    Did you try setting RemoveTargetDir to false in your config.xml ?

  • Thanks for your reply.
    I just tried and obtained the same result.

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