Creating QtCreator 64bit under Windows

  • when I build QtCreator 64bit from source with my Studio 2010 it builds without error.
    But when i want to start it afterwards, i get the Error "Cannot load Core-Plugin" from a specific path. When I look at that path, there is an existing Core.dll. Why cant creator load it?

  • Felix I have same problems. Do you compile Qt64 and Creator64 in release or debug?

  • I Compiled qt4.7.0 Release and Debug and tried creator with both too but neither worked :( but my qt Compile isbt the matter since Other applications work with it

  • I have solved my problem.
    The Core.dll requires the Qt libraries aswell. And since i didnt add them to my Path-Variable, the Core.dll couldnt be loaded because of missing dependecies.

    I simply added my qt/bin folder to path and it works now

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