Qt World Summit: Submit your Presentation

A constructive C++/Qt group for all people

  • Hello to you all,

    We, C++/Qt programmers, have created a beneficial group on Telegram to both share our knowledge and experience with the members and help each other have progress and breakthroughs on a daily basis.
    The members are from every corner of the world altogether dealing with C++ and Qt to solve issues with apps and create better programs for various areas and platforms. (Mobile, Desktop and Embedded))

    From absolute beginners to superb experts, you see the members directly/indirectly working with Qt company’s partners or with the company itself, exchanging helpful and constructive posts in the group to boost the ability of all in a nice and friendly atmosphere.

    Decisions amongst admins are made as the consequence of a pure democratic process considering what Qt offers and other techs used in Qt.
    I hope you also join us and yourselves experience what I talked about above.

    Here’s our link on Telegram: t.me/cplusplusQt

    PS: Telegram is a world wide open source social media app. We use only the English language in the group.

    Looking forward to seeing you there. :-)

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