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Roles for model in header not showing

  • I have a problem that only happens in Qt5.11 and up.
    The same code works well in Qt5.9.

    ListView {
        id: id_listView
        delegate: id_delegate
        header: id_header
        headerPositioning: ListView.OverlayHeader
        model: modelReport
        snapMode: ListView.SnapToItem
        clip: true
        Component {
            id: id_delegate
        Component {
            id: id_header
                Row {
                    id: id_row
                    Repeater {
                        id: id_labelsHeader
                        model: modelHeader
                        Label {
                            text: role_c0

    modelReport is read correctly and the data is shown in the delegate id_delegate.
    modelHeader shows nothing. The role role_c0 is empty
    Both models are created in C++ as derivative from QStandardItemModel

    What could be the difference between Qt5.9 and Qt5.11?

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