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Qt Creator debugging code in MSVC and CDB

  • I use Qt 5.12.3, Qt Creator 4.9.1, MSVC 2017 x64 and debugger CDB. I'm doing a step-by-step debugging of this code:

       int a(458);
       throw a;
    catch(int& a)
         qDebug() << a;

    An exception occurs and it is displayed:
    enter image description here

    But I don't hit the catch block, the app just stops. How to fix this problem? Thanks.

    I saw this message and it does not work:
    enter image description here

  • I checked all the debuggers from the Win 10 SDK, Win 8.1 SDK, and even the Win 7 SDK!
    X86 and x64 versions.I can't get into the catch block in all cases, the debugger have an error and just stops. Has somebody ever had such a problem?

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