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Retain mouse coordinates after Zoom in/out.

  • I've a central widget with scaled axes . I'm getting the coordinates by using:

    x = (event->pos().x());
    y = (event->pos().y());

    This is working fine. After zooming in or out, the coordinates still remain same. But from the point of view of central widget, it should get changed. How do I achieve this?

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    Well how do you zoom the central widget ?
    You have to apply the same math to the mouse coordinates to
    calculate a zoomed point.

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    What @mrjj said. In (pseudo) code it's simply:

    QPoint newCursorPos = oldCursorPos / oldZoomFactor * newZoomFactor;

  • I'll restate the problem:
    When I zoomed in and hover on the upper left corner, the location should NOT be 0,0 (the QMouseMouseEvent just gives me this point). I want the coordinates relative to the central widget.

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