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How to deploy dll's using windeploy qt?

  • I am developing a Qt application and would like to deploy web engine dll's with the application.

    The application does not have dependencies to webengine nevertheless I want to deploy webengine dll's.

    Snippet from Cmake:

    find_package(Qt5 COMPONENTS Core Widgets Quick Qml WebEngine WebSockets)
    # Deploy web engine dlls in release mode
            COMMAND ${WINDEPLOYQT_EXECUTABLE} --verbose 0 --no-compiler-runtime
            -webengine -websockets WORKING_DIRECTORY ${CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX}/bin)"
        message("Release build")
    endif (CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE STREQUAL "Release")

    Currently the above code does not produce any result. I do not want to provide binary to the execute process because the binary does not have any dependency.

    Thank you

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