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[Moved] How to register for Advanced Qt exams?

  • Hello

    I won't be able to visit Qt Developer Days 2010, but here

    I see that the beta advanced exams will be available in all test centers around the world (PearsonVue again as far as I understand?). But it's not clear, will they be available free of charge or not. And how to register for them as the number of seats is limited?

    Thanks in advance.

    [edit: fixed link / chetankjain]

  • Hehe, also it is interesting how to pre-register for exams at DevDays (as this link says pre-register will be available at 4-10 October).

  • Yes, as you have noted the pre-registration will be available for via the web. We will post more information in the next days. Stay tuned!

    The adv exams in beta will be free of charge at any (Pearson VUE) test center around the world. The exams will become available on the on-site test centers at Qt Developer Days 2010 before all other places. Due to this, visitors at the event are in advantage, since the number of seats and the time frame of beta is limited.

    Maybe, see you there :-)

  • Vladimir, can I pre-register for both exams at DevDays or they will be at same time and there will be no chance to complete one after another?

  • We are going to get room with 22 seats in Munich and a bit less in US. So yes, you can pre-register for both beta exams. You can select any time more convenient for you, assuming that free seats are available at this time.

  • I have registered for both exams at DevDays@Munich hour ago :)

  • I would like to get all certifications from QT, but I must start for the beginning so I expect to make the first one in not a lot of time. Anyway I would like to know if the other two certifications are supposed to be available in Beta for free in Spain after the DevDays. Unfortunately I can't go there this year.

  • Advanced exams in beta will be available for free in all test centers after the Qt Developers Days. In Spain it will be on Oct 14th, the same with all other countries in Europe. Just to note again: the seats are limited in beta. Please check "this page": for more details.

    The Qt Essentials exam is different. It is available since 2009 around the world on regular basis. See "this page": about it.

  • So, 14Oct will be the only date to do it? The thing is that I think I am ready to make the Qt Essentials exam because I am been playing with Qt for a long time. Should I do that exam before do the more advanced ones? Do I need this exam passed before do the advanced one? If I do the exam on 12nd October, how long it will take to know if I passed the exam?

  • Yes you should pass Essentials before Advanced exams. You will know that you've passed it after a few minutes you will finish it. But Nokia will know about it only after one day (or something like it).

    I don't think that adv exams will be only one day after DevDays. I think Vladimir have meant that beta exams will start beginning from 14 October and till the end of beta mode.

  • @josemaria. As mentioned "on the web":, Qt Essentials is a pre-requisite for the "Nokia Certified Qt Specialist" title. The booking system at Pearson will allow you to schedule exams in any order. But it certainly makes sent to start with Qt Essentials, since you will get "Nokia Certified Qt Developer" after passing it. If you will pass an advanced exam before Qt Essentials, it will just come on your records, but we will wait until you will pass Qt Essentials to assign you "Nokia Certified Qt Specialist". Nevertheless, since we have the beta program running, it is currently more beneficial for you to start with an advanced exam in beta, since it is for free.

    We plan to finish the analysis and other works on the results of beta by the end of 2010. Final versions of the exams are planned to be released in the beginning of 2011. This also means that there will be a period of time, when it will be not possible to take an advanced exam - beta is closed, the final version is not released yet.

  • any update on this topic please?..
    I sent the request to "": a couple of days ago, but still no answer... =(
    thanks in advance

  • I'm sorry if we were responding not that fast lately. We still have Qt Developer Days 2010 in San Francisco ahead and it needs attention.

    I see a couple of other emails reporting that the beta exams are would be not available. The beta exams have been made available for Europe, the Middle East and Africa on Oct 14th. They will open in USA and other regions after the Qt Developer Days 2010 in San Francisco. I additionally made a random test (including London and Ukraine) and exams were available for scheduling in all test centers I tired. If you observe a problem, please send us the name of the test center you tired to book and this did not work.

  • thanks a lot! I've shcheduled my exam on 27.10 :)

  • I've tried to take the exam, but it couldn't load to the workstation. My administrator called PearsonVUE support and he was told that the exam is suspended by the customer (Nokia). The testing location is

    Computer Academy Step - Nikolaev
    Artilleriyskaya str. 6
    Nikolaev 54030

    Vladimir, could you please comment on this issue?

  • Hi Petro,

    I'm extremely sorry for this!!! Yes, there were problems with scheduling the exams in the last days. Trust me, we did not suspend any exams! For some reasons Pearson VUE, the company which delivers exams for us world-side, was not able to release exams in the way we have agreed a while ago. Trust me, I almost did not do anything else in the last days as to trace problems and make sure they are resolved. You can imagine, how unsatisfied I am....

    I my last conversation with Pearson VUE, I have asked for a full status report on the delivery world wide. I will post a message on this forum as soon I will get updated information.

  • So now I got the final confirmation that everything (scheduling, delivery, etc) works again! Please accept our apologies for these problems! Please try again!

  • Thank you :)
    I've scheduled the next try on 30.10

  • So, I've taken the exam (C++ with Qt) yesterday without any problems :-) In general IMHO it was too easy.
    I hope that my feedback will help you.

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    @DenisKormalev said in [Moved] How to register for Advanced Qt exams?:

    can I pre-register for both exams at DevDays or they will be at same time and there will be no chance to complete one after another?

    can I pre-register for both exams at DevDays. I afraid that they will be at same time and there will be no chance to complete one after another?
    Is that so?
    What's up next?

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    Please checkout the date. This thread is almost 8 years old.

    The official source of information is here with links to where you can go to register for an exam.

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