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Qt addin bug (VS2008)

  • Where does one report bugs with the qt addin? I am currently running version 1.1.9 with VS2008 and Qt 4.7.1.

    If I specify a resource file in my .pro as "RESOURCES += myrsc.rcc" (ie, anything other than qrc), then the addin generates a vcproj with a VCCustomBuildTool that processes the file with rcc and writes the generated file to the path based on the RCC_DIR. Except, it does not do much more than that. It does not seem to add it to the list of generated files and the file is not compiled for the project. I also see in the Output window "== 0 rcc steps updated ==".

    However, if I specify myrcs.qrc, then when the addin generates the VCCustomBuildTool section, it does not use the RCC_DIR but always uses ./GeneratedFiles/ as the path. It does process the the file properly with the addin since I do see the files in the rcc processing step in the Output window, and they are added to the GeneratedFiles list and compiled accordingly.

  • Go to the "public bugtracker":https://bugreports.qt.nokia.com (aka Jira), create an account and then open a new issue. Select "Qt Visual Studio Add-In".

    Please make sure that you have searched the bug database for your issue, just in case someone else did already report the bug.

    Maybe "QTVSADDINBUG-90":https://bugreports.qt.nokia.com/browse/QTVSADDINBUG-90 is relevant for you.

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