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VS2008 qt addin CustomBuildTool

  • I have my project .pro file thats includes a corba.pri file that I created to do custom corba code generation (QMAKE_EXTRA_COMPILERS). qmake on Linux and Mac creates all the pieces and builds the code properly. On Windows, I use VS2008 with the qt addin v1.1.9 to "load" my .pro file. Everything seems to work fine except that the corba items are not being compiled . . . the "Compile" option just generates the .cpp/.h files from the .idl file. There does not seem to be a CustomBuildTool config item for the .cpp so that it can generate the code and then actually compile it. Trying to do something similar to what is done for the moc and is moc_ generated files.

  • If you use MSVS and the addin, it is not the qmake - nmake combination that builds the stuff. This should work.
    The addin reads the pro file and creates a vcproj file. perhaps the addibn does not support additional compile steps.

  • That is what I am wondering. Looks like MOC/UIC/RCC seem to have the needed CustomBuildTool sections . . . probably part of the addin since they are qt components. Is it missing for the extra compilers custom builds?

  • Here is a section taken from my corba.pri file:

    @corbaC.CONFIG = no_link
    corbaC.dependency_type = TYPE_C
    corbaC.commands = $$IDL_COMPILER -o $$CORBA_DIR $$IDL_FLAGS ${QMAKE_FILE_NAME}
    corbaC.input = CORBA_IDLS
    corbaC.output = $$CORBA_DIR/${QMAKE_FILE_BASE}C.cpp
    corbaC.clean = $$CORBA_DIR/${QMAKE_FILE_BASE}C.cpp
    corbaC.variable_out = SOURCES

    The addin does not seem to be adding the CORBA_IDLS to the project, only the generated .cpp files. It does have the proper command to generate the files but it needs to be kicked off from the .idl files . . . similar to the moc processing header files to generated moc_ files.

    Do the Qt VS Addin folks peruse this forum? Do I need to create a bug/suggestion/issue on the bugtracker to get a response? First time on forum, just trying to under the etiquette in getting a dialog going.

  • If you want to ensure to get answers from troll, file a bug report. some of the trolls are around here, but not all.

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