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QGraphicsItem - itemChanged & child items issue

  • Hey

    I have a bit of a hiccup... I have a node editor in which I've subclassed item changed in order to update childItems connections positions.

    Essentially I have


    When ParentObject get itemChanged, I do processConnectionPositionUpdate(), which notifvies each pinObject to notify each connection to re-centre their positions in accordance to new PinObject centre based on ParentObject move... However... due to the fact I emit that command before finishing itemChanged (I think) not all of the connections update to latest position and some of them appear disconnected... or at least that what I think happen...

    Can any1 suggest how can I address it ?

    Each pin parent is set ParentObject, however, sometimes I can have nested pins in which parent object will be the pin above...

    I wish a setPos would be virtual/have signal then I could just overwrite it on pinItself when parent position changes (I guess?) but I can't... or maybe I've approached it all backward?

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