How to install QT + QT creator + ms SDK (NOT visual studio)

  • I wish anybody can finally help me.
    I have used qt mingw based for a months. Now I need to change to msvc version (i need to compile my app using ms compiler)

    I'm unable to setup QT+Qtcreator+ms SDK.
    I have not toolchain, neither a right qmake.exe (because the toolchain abscence)
    I have dowloaded the current 4.7.4 msvc 2008 and qtcreator 2.3.1.

    I have not visual studio. I have the windows SDK freely donwloaded.

    Can anybody give some tips about how to setup qt & sdk ?
    It seems that there were some legal implications. If not, I dont understand why is the reason because there is no mention to 'how to' use qt + ms sdk.


  • Just fire up your Qt SDK maintenance utility and tick the Desktop Qt 4.7.4 - MSVC 2008 package. The compiler comes with an VisualStudio 2008 Express edition or the Windows SDK (don't ask me about the licensing restrictions).

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