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  • Hello, I am looking for a possible implementation idea for my problem. I want to periodically (200ms) wake up a function to perform some arithmetic computation on the current QVideoFrame.

    I am using a QVideoFilterRunnable class to access the QVideoFrame of the current frame. In the QVideoFilterRunnable::run(), I obtain the pixel data for the frame and want to perform some synchronous processing of the pixel data.

    Originally, I was going to implement a QTimer within the QVideoFilterRunnable::run() and wait a certain time, obtain the frame and do some arithmetic on it. There were two problems with this approach:

    1. This will block the main GUI thread until the run() is completed.
    2. I was hoping to obtain different frames, rather than the same frame. Example: If we execute QVideoFilterRunnable::run(), obtain that QVideoFrame, wait 200ms, then obtain the next QVideoFrame, it will still be same frame; regardless of the time. To obtain the next frame, we need the previous run() to finish and execute QVideoFilterRunnable::run() again for the next frame. This brings me to my problem.

    I was hoping to implement some sort of thread that wakes up periodically, checks the QVideoFrame from QVideoFilterRunnable::run(), and performs this arithmetic computation. I have come across a couple possible implementations but not sure which one is the best. People recommended using QtConcurrent::run() in the timer slot to run a method in which you handle this but I am fairly new with QtConcurrent and another approach with using QFutureWatcher.

    How would you, the qt experts, go around to solving this problem?

    Any ideas will help,


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