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Looking for Qt/PySide developer for long term project

  • Need a developer or co-founder to build a next gen analytics application using python based Qt i.e. PySide. Project is long term with flexibility. Need expertise in Qt GUI development, Python and CSS. Visit for more info. Email

  • hi I am sending you message by email.

  • This post is deleted!

  • This is my experience with "Ravi, Robbie" and whoever is running things at goslicd.

    I interviewed over a skype call and in my oppinion it went very smoothly and it was a good interview.
    He knows I'm at least qualified if not over qualified for this job.
    He said over skype that he would send me the coder agreement that I could read over and then get back to him on it.
    He never sent the agreement. It's been 2-3 days. It was supposed to be sent right after the skype call.
    No email from him. I sent an email asking about it. No response was returned.
    I said I was open about how much I would get paid per milestone. That would be an employer's wet dream, right?
    There is no hourly wage, it's jut pay-by-milestone + equity (so they say).
    Another horror story from the dishonest, fake, unfair job market.

    This post has no business in the Qt forums, with such disrespect shown from the hiring party.
    Well, they do have about a 20% chance of success as 80% of startups fail. Good luck to them!

    I could have finished all of the project milestones in less than half the timeline stated.
    Their loss.

    Thinking of applying? Don't waste your time.

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