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Rendering Japanese text on PC / Mac / Linux

  • Hi there. I'm trying to understand the prerequisites for displaying Japanese text in my Qt application for desktop platforms. I have searched the documentation, but haven't found a definitive answer regarding whether Japanese fonts must already be installed on the user's system, or whether they will "just work" courtesy of Qt.

    The Qt Whitepaper says that Qt "renders most of the world’s writing systems, including Arabic, Chinese, Cyrillic, English, Greek, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Latin, and Vietnamese." Does that mean the user does not need to have previously installed fonts for such?

    Also, it seemed that the answer to that question may be different for controls such as QLabel than for QWebView. The FAQ seemed to indicate such in its post about Chinese fonts, which I presume apply to Japanese as well.

    Many thanks in advance for any pointers.


  • You will need a font for the languages you want to use. If such a font is provided then Qt can render "most of the world's writing systems". This refers to being able to do all the complex arranging of the individual bits and pieces found in the font file correctly.

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