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Questions about the QWT BarChart example

  • I'm trying to develop a chart based upon the QWT BarChart example. All of my questions relate to that example and can be seen by running it, or looking at the code. For the record, I am interested in stacked charts displayed horizontally.

    1. When the window is expanded or shrunk, the plot expands or shrinks accordingly. What is causing that to happen? How can I stop it?

    2. When the window is shrunk, there appears to be a minimum size. What is causing that?

    3. When there is too much data, the chart becomes physically very large. I'd like to stop that and add scroll windows. I've tried adding

    new QwtPlotPanner(d_chart->canvas());

    as someone suggested, but it had no effect.

    1. How do I change the physical spacing between the y-axis major tick marks (labels) when displaying horizontally? The plot is saving space for the minor tick marks, even though I am not displaying them.

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