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Dynamic validation

  • Hello,

    I have a TableView with one editable column. This column can have diffrents type of data (String, int double) in every row.

    I want to create function that i could dynamicly create validator for every cell. Every cell has his own uniqe range.

    Now i have something like this.

    property var iValid : IntValidator { bottom: 0; top: 9999}
    property var sValid : RegExpValidator { regExp: /[a-z,A-Z]+/ }
    property var dValid : DoubleValidator { bottom: 0; top: 9999.99}
    function getValidator(row)
    	var DataType=, Columns.DataType);
    	if (DataType=== Type.Number)
    		return iValid ;
    	else if (DataType=== Type.Double)
    		return dValid ;
    	else if (DataType=== Type.String)
    		return sValid ;
    		return null;

    How is a proper way to do this?

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