Python debugger does not work on Windows when running console app in terminal

  • I assume a bug in the installer of the SDK but I'm not 100% sure. Maybe my problem is just an unexpected feature or so.

    My first QT SDK was version 2010.04 in directory c:\qts-dk. I did not install the python stuff because I did not now what it was good for.

    Now a new version 2010.05 came out. So I uninstalled the older version and then installed the new version 2010.05 in directory c:\qtsdk. I accidently entered a slighty different directory name. This time I also installed the optional python enabled debugger because I found a description that explained why it is useful.

    After that I was not able to debug my programs anymore.

    First the debugger binary was not found, which I was able to fix by entering the correct new path in the debugger settings dialog. I was a little surprised to find references to the old uninstalled SQK here.

    But anyway, the python enabled debugger did not work. So I changed to the non-python version gdb successfully. I did not find out why the python debugger did not work, so I deleted my personal settings under c:\users\stefan\AppData\Roaming\Nokia.

    After that, the python debugger worked fine.

    Is that a bug?

  • My problem occured again one day later. I found out that the problem is related to the project option "Run in terminal". If I enable that, the python debugger does not work at all (shows only empty widgets), even in a very basic Hello-World console application.

  • Could you please "write a bug report": about this issue? Forums are nice to discuss a topic but not suitable for tracking an issue.

  • Yes sure. I just wanted to be sure before writing a bug report because Im very new to QT. I was unsure if this is a possible bug or if the error is sitting in front of the screen.

  • [quote author="s.frings" date="1285785629"]I was unsure if this is a possible bug or if the error is sitting in front of the screen.[/quote]

    lol good one!

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