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QML Map (world) Display

  • Hello everyone, I'm brand new to QML (but use Qt at work a lot).

    I'm writing an application to run along side a flight simulator and need a map element that achieves the following requirements:

    • Displays the world map (low detail is fine)
    • Shows airports and nav data
    • Allows me (software developer) to render lines between points
    • Allows the user to select airports/nav data

    I'm writing the whole UI for this application in QML, as I want to use it as a learning project (I've been meaning to learn QML for years).

    I've looked at the Map object within QML, and at face value it appears to do everything I need (yay!). However, it seems to require a connection to an external data source. This is perplexing me a little as I don't want to be dependent on external data servers, nor do I want to require an internet connection to run.
    How hard would it be to input my own map data, such as shape-files for landmasses? Elevation data etc.?

    I'm planning on rendering the airports/nav data myself, but presumably the shapefile data is rendered in a different way? I'd like to avoid manually drawing coastlines every frame if I can.


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