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Speed of QML file dialog

  • Hi,

    My application is opening a FileDialog. According to the profiler this takes a bit longer than 300 ms, which is already a bit long. Is this normal (on a fast laptop bought last year)? Can I do something to improve speed?

  • @maxwell31 Hello Maxwell,
    I think the 'speed' variable depends on so many different effective. Such as;

    • Does your application run on SSD or HDD?
    • Did you try this speed in debug mode or release mode?
    • Where your Qt libraries and stuff installed?

    I don't think there would be a 'codable' way to do that. Maybe changing the processor can help :D
    Or I can be an ignorant. Everything is possible :D

  • Yes, it runs on SSD, and the Qt libraries are also on the same SSD. It turns out you are right: I did the profiling in debug mode (which is necessary I guess). In the debug mode I notice that the dialog takes quite some time to popup. In release mode though it seems much faster :-)

    Thanks :-)

  • @maxwell31 no problem at all :D Good luck with your application!

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