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Qt data visualization zoom performance

  • My C++ widgets application (no QML) displays data as a Q3DSurface, with 1450 rows and 1113 columns. When I zoom with the center mouse wheel the zoom is not very smooth, with visually noticeable jerks. My application invokes Q3DInputHandler::wheelEvent(event) without any "custom" processing by me. In my application main() I try to optimize graphics performance as follows:

    Q3DSurface *graph = new Q3DSurface();
    // Improve zoom performance?

    But I still do not see any noticeable difference in zoom performance.
    Is there some other way to improve zoom performance? A non-Qt 'C' application which calls OpenGL functions directly, displays the same data as a 3D surface on my laptop with very smooth zooming; so I don't think the jerky zoom is due to hardware limitations but rather to overhead in the Qt/Q3DSurface code. My laptop cpu is a dual-core Intel i5-7200U CPU @ 2.50GHz with an Intel 5916 graphics card.


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