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Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime error while running a qt project

  • I am working on a project on my laptop which has a windows 10 and the project works fine without any errors whatsoever. But once I move this same project to my other machine that has a windows 7 and after running it I get this error:


    and the qt console display this:


    error ReferenceError: adjuster is not defined in console is not a problem because I see the same message when my project works on pc with windows 10.

    I think the problem is with microsoft visual c++ but I don't know how to fix it. Pleas help

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    How do you run the application on the win 7 machine ?

  • @mrjj By clicking Run ( Ctrl + R )

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Ok, then it should work when you compile it again.
    Make sure you completely wiped the old build folder if u moved that with the project.
    Also you could ask Visual studio to do a repair to make sure its 100% working.

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