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Trying to rename a file

  • In the Projects hierarchy I tried to rename a .qml script by right clicking it and selecting: "Rename" and was presented with a Project Editing Failed popup:

    The project file GallUi.pro cannot be automatically changes." Rename WizardPopupKeyboard.qml to WizardPopupNumericKeyboard.qml anyway?

    I selected yes. Then when I run the program I get an error:

    No rule to make target 'WizardPopupKeyboard.qml', needed by 'qrc_QML.cpp'. Stop.

    I tried running qMake and that didn't work. What does it take to rename a qml file?

  • @Circuits said in Trying to rename a file:

    WizardPopupKeyboard.qml to WizardPopupNumericKeyboard.qml

    Your pro file has a reference to WizardPopupKeyboard.qml in it. Change that reference to WizardPopupNumericKeyboard.qml.

    Edit: Might also be in a qrc file.

  • There is no mention of the script in the .pro file. A grep search of the CodeBase for WizardPopupKeyboard returns: QML.qrc and qrc.QML.cpp. Both of these files contain a reference to WizardPopupKeyboard. Rather than start messing around with names in those folders I decided instead to create a new .qml file called WizardPopupNumericKeyboard.qml and copied the contents of WizardPopupKeyboard into that file, that seems to have worked.

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