QT WebEngine devicemotion eventlistener - no values after init

  • Dear people,

    i tried to load a - local html / a remote http and a https with webview, but the eventlistener never answered with values like event.acceleration.x. works with normal browser (https://timvolodine.github.io/deviceorientation-test/)

    i tried with setHTML to add the eventlistener directly in WebEngineView but same result.

    i trie to setAttributes but there is only one for geolocation. i need access to Gyroscope,Magnetometer and Accelerometer .

    i tried to use arguments like --enable-web-security .. nothing changed

    Is there a way not only to View HTML with the QT Library , but the integrated Javascript to?
    window.addEventListener("devicemotion", handleOrientation,....
    or something similar.

    Maybe direct Gyroscope / Sensor access from Python? acceleration.x
    Tried QAccelerometer() class but no chance

    best regards and thanks


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