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QtIFW add arguments to CreateShortcut operation

  • On Windows, i want to create a desktop shortcut with arguments:

    component.addOperation("CreateShortcut", "@TargetDir@/My App.exe", "@DesktopDir@/My App.lnk");

    Where and how must i add the arguments? The next statements don't do the job:

    component.addOperation("CreateShortcut", "@TargetDir@/My App.exe arg1 arg2", "@DesktopDir@/My App.lnk");

    component.addOperation("CreateShortcut", "@TargetDir@/My App.exe" arg1 arg2, "@DesktopDir@/My App.lnk");

    I tried everything, but can't figure out how. The documentation and examples are all without arguments.

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