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It is factible to create standalone internet softwares?

  • Hi, this is just like an asking-for-suggestion-post, what do you think about creating standalone desktop web applications? (I mean by standalone desktop web application, some downloadable client that interacts with a remote server (peer to peer).

    Imagine that your bank adds in its web site a download link to get its desktop app.
    You download it and install, once you open it, you write your login id and pass and check your account's details..

    That is the same to checking it through web browser but this time on a desktop app.
    Well, in my case, I need to create an E-Learning platform app, I know I can learn CuteLyst and do all web, but I´m pretty late to learn it and was wondering using Qt desktop app for it..

    should a desktop client-server based app do the job?... or there is no way to get it through Qt Desktop app ?


  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Well you can go a long way with QNetworkAccessManager so its not
    out of the question at all to use that.
    However, what is the actual E-Learning material ? webpages or
    what content should be presented to user for the actual learning?

  • Hi, thanks for answering..
    The E-learning platform will render some PDFs, images and audio waves… A multiuser platform where each client connects to a remote database to save and read data...

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Should be feasible, however, web technologies have an edge with that sort of media.
    I wonder if qtwebengine would be enough for the viewing part so we could avoid
    too much code to render the elements.

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