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Get raw video buffer from QML

  • Hi.

    I want to write application, which will stream QML from Sender to QML (whole interface, or several items -- that doesn't matter). Latency and network usage are foremost, so, no grabToImage\etc, that's too slow.

    As far as I know, the best practice is to extract raw video data from Sender, transfer it with via network, and upload it on Client directly in video memory on GPU. I've found article on KDAB https://www.kdab.com/efficiency-matters/ which can help with Client's code, but I don't understand, how to extract necessary data on Sender (lack of deep understanding of QML rendering pipeline :( ). I can't use 5.13 and it's native support of KTX\PKM formats, my Qt version is limited to 5.6.3.

    Would be grateful for any hints. Thank you!

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