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(MacOS - QTCreator) Having trouble getting the debugger to hit breakpoints a basic c++ app ONLY when running through external terminal

  • Hi,

    So basically, my simple command line sample hits breakpoints just fine when debugging into the app with the built-in output console for output, but since it requires user input, I configured the app to run in the external terminal (in my case iTerm2). The app fires up, the debugger starts, but it seems to completely skip over my breakpoints.

    Any ideas on what am I doing wrong? Can't seem to find anything with google-foo. :)

  • Any guidance on this? It's making the difference right now between me even using QtCreator to begin with.

    • I installed QtCreator 4.9.1 using homebrew.
    • I created a plain c++ app which asks for one piece of input from user. Nothing fancy. :)

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    @hotdiggitydoddo could be a bug... at least sounds strange.

    Have you already searched bugreports.qt.io?

    Your Debugger Log (Windows > Views > Debugger Log) might give some more insight too.

    And you could also try to install an older version.


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