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Package.xml without version

  • I have several packages for example as shown below. The root components do not have data. I just want to specify the Dispaly name in the meta\ package.xml for root components. But, If i dont specify the version it will show error. Is it mandatory to have version in the package.xml ? I need to display only root components name and not the version. The subcomponents will have software data and versions.

        - com.vendor.root      
            - meta
        - com.vendor.root.component1     
            - meta
        - com.vendor.root.component1.subcomponent1
            - data
            - meta
        - com.vendor.root.component2
            - meta
     - com.vendor.root.component2.subcomponent2
            - data
            - meta
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
        <DisplayName>Component 2</DisplayName>
        <Description>This is Component 2 which contains sub-components</Description>

  • @user2301 said in Package.xml without version:

    t, If i dont specify the version it will show

    Yes, "Version" is mandatory value for every IFW component. The version number is the mechanism to promote updates (online) to users.
    For example if you wanted to change the display name in some root component you want to promote that as an update for the online (installer) users.
    The installer "sees" the updates when componet's Version number has increased.

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