Debugging a Qt hello world application in Qt Creator

  • hello all,

    i installed QT 4.7.4 version. then i created a hello world application. i selected the target as 'desktop.' and keep use shadow building unchecked.

    int main(int argc, char *argv[])
    QApplication app(argc, argv);
    QLabel *label = new QLabel("Hello Qt!");
    return app.exec();

    i build it and it works. i am able to run and see the label. however when i try to user start debugging menu following error message comes.


    The preferred debugger engine for debugging binaries of type 'x86-windows-msvc2008-pe-32bit' is not available.
    The debugger engine 'Gdb engine' will be used as a fallback.
    Details: There is no CDB binary available for binaries in format 'x86-windows-msvc2008-pe-32bit'


    i checked the project settings. they are set to debug build.

    i have VS 2008 installed. i checked in docs that it needs debugging tools for windows. this is also installed on my system. i mean i could user windbg for crash dump. but since i also have Windows driver kit installed. the windbg is launched from 'C:\WinDDK\7600.16385.0\Debuggers' location. and i think QT uses %program files%\debugging tools for windows.

    how should i configure it so that i could debug it under QT?


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    So you are building with MSVC 2008 on Windows?

    If yes: Please install the Microsoft Debugging Tools.

    If no: Please tell us what you are actually building:-)

  • hello Tobias,

    humm.. i had all the software installed. but i think QT only looks for \programe files\debugging tools for windows. and since i have latest WDK which setup debugging tools to its "C:\WinDDK\7600.16385.0\Debuggers" directry hence QT is unable to find it. just few minutes ago i had to uninstall WDK and then install the latest version of debugging tools and i was able to debug the hello world application. but here is the problem i use WDK as well. so is there any way to tell QT to look for the debugger in certain directory. so that i could have WDK installed as well?

    and yes i am building it on Microsoft windows. (vs2008, debugging tools and WDK"was" are installed)

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    <nitpick>Qt Creator does look for the debugging tools. Qt does not AFAICT.</nitpick>

    The fastest way to get Qt Creator to look for the debuggers in some new places: "File a bug report": against Qt Creator:-)

    Some link to the WDK you are using might help in getting this resolved faster (if that is available to the public that is). Thanks!

  • thanks Tobias Hunger,

    i have submitted the bug with all required info.


  • Can you report the bug ID here, please. This way other readers can easily find the issue. Thanks.

  • Hopefully this will be helpful: I tried installing the Microsoft Debugging Tools and it didn't work. I tried to look up the installation and found that the installer had only copied .msi files to my hard drive. After running the .msi it worked.

    I bit strange since my expectation of an installer is that it actually installs software.

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