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Qml C++ uint32 and uint64

  • Hello, i would like to know how to deal with this data types (uint32 and uint64), because Qml Basic Types doesn't support this C++ types.

    Qml Int values range from around -2000000000 to around 2000000000
    C++ uint32 values range from 0 bis 4.294.967.295

    I need to show, edit, subtract, add, multiple and divide such kind of Data in the GUI.

    I hope you can give me some advice how to deal with non-supported c++ types in qml

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    A - perhaps poor - solution would be to convert these numbers to string and work on strings in QML (display them). For mathematical operations, go back to C++ and do the maths there. So, a custom QML type created in c++ (a QObject should be enough for that) and exported to the engine should do the trick.

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