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How to publish a Qt app to Windows Store?

  • Hello, how to publish a Qt app(32bit) to Windows Store? My app is build with msvc 2017 compiler using Qt Creator. I currently use Qt 5.11.1 version. I read online that in order to upload app to Windows Store you need to build it with WinRT. But last WinRT installer only comes with Qt 5.8.0 version.

  • Hi, you can publish Qt apps to the Windows Store using a later version of Qt than 5.8.0.
    It's confusing because Microsoft keeps changing the names:
    Windows Store is now called Microsoft Store.
    A WinRT app was first called Metro app but nowadays it's called UWP apps. So look for a UWP version of Qt (until Microsoft changes the name again :-)

  • Thank you for clarification :) So only the name changes? The info in the docs is valid?

  • Yes, every time it says "WinRT" you can interpret it as referring to "UWP".
    Also, most of the infrastructure in Qt for UWP support is still called "WinRT.." something, for example, when you launch a UWP app from Qt Creator, the helper program for starting the UWP app is called "winrtrunner.exe".

  • I downloaded UWP from here. But when I unpack the .zip file there are no qmake.exe & no winrtrunner.exe. I don't know how to use it..

  • Hmm, I've never installed Qt UWP flavor from a .zip fip, I use the "online"-installer, you can download it here

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