Linux, QtCreator and Qt5.9.6 compiling GNU C Libraries

  • Hi,

    I have the following problem: I have installed a Modbus slave stack for Linux in my Qt5.9.6 in Ubuntu Linux.
    The Modbus slave stack has a pure C source code and mainly accesses GNU C libraries.

    Now I have the problem that the Modbus does not work as it should on the Yocto Rocko Linux.

    But already in QtCreator on Ubuntu the GNU C libraries are interpreted incorrectly by the code editor and some functions are underlined in red.

    For example for the Modbus slave stack the function mq_open from the mqueue.h library is important, but the function mq_open cannot be opened in the code editor and in the header mqueue.h this function mq_open is underlined red in the declaration with the error message: Expecting a declaration.

    Therefore my question: How can the GNU C libraries under Linux be correctly interpreted and compiled by the compiler, so that the Modbus stack works again?

    The Modbus stack worked with Qt4.72 on the ptx-Linux platform.

    Thanks in advance for replies.

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    Hi @MrNickless, welcome!

    From your description, the editor problem sounds again like a Clang Code Model problem. You can try to disable it with Help > About Plugins > Clang Code Model.

    That however, is completely unrelated to compile or run problems. Did I get it right that you can compile the code and it runs on the target, but has runtime problems? Which kind of problems?


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