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How to add custom dll for windeployqt

  • Hello guys,

    After release my app and then using tool windeployqt to copy all dlls into the folder, everything works great (on my own pc), but then I copy the app into another PC then MySQL is not working because libmysql.dll from Windows/System32 was not copied into the folder of app.
    Therefore if I manuály copy this dll there and then copy whole folder to another PC, everything works great...

    So what I am asking for is if I can somehow add something like LIBS += to my pro to include path for this dll so it would be copied next time i do windeployqt?

    Thank you

  • Moderators

    the mysql lib is a runtime dependency and thus is not picked up by windeployqt tool
    you can write a simple script which calls windeployqt and additionally copies all additional libraries.
    Then simply call this script when needed.

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