[Solved] Direct3d (D3D10) Full Screen

  • Does anyone have a code snippet to handle switching between windowed and full-screen mode for a Qt widget displaying directX 10 as seen in "My other post":http://developer.qt.nokia.com/forums/viewthread/10328 ?

    I'm looking for both windowed/fullscreen transition, as well as a good way to handle resizing.

    Resizing seems to handle automatically for me but I'm not sure I should count on this.

  • I found the way to resize using WM_SIZE.

    Basically I was looking for how the winEvent function in QWidget was passing the lParam and wParam from the Windows messages (win32) and I found that they can be referenced using accessor methods in the MSG* type passed to winEvent.

    @winEvent(MSG* message, long* result)
    bool returnValue = false;
    case WM_SIZE:

            int width = LOWORD(message->lparam);
            int height = HIWORD(message->lparam);
            //rest of code here


    Still working on full-screen.

  • I think I have a full-screen solution for now.

    I'm going to use Qt::FramelessWindowHint and showMaximized() to display a full screen. This doesn't let me alt-enter to change modes but is good enough for me at the moment.

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