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How to modelate a 3D robot in QML and animate it

  • Hi everyone,

    I'd like to know your opinions about how to implement a 3D model into QML and animate it from a C++ backend.

    I know that this is a very opened question, but after reviewing the Qt documentation, I can't figure out which is the best approach and general steps to follow.

    We would like to have a manipulable virtual 3D robot object that replicates the real movement of a physical robot. We have the 3D model (.obj or 3ds) of the robot and the key variables of the joints, speed, etc... in a real time backend, that we can communicate with the QML side.

    Our doubst are about the 3D implementation from some 3d object files and how to load, move and manipulate them in the 3d space in a simple, scalable and easy way.

    There are several official examples, which one would be a starting point for our requirements?

    Thanks in advance, any idea is really welcome

    alt text

  • @JoeBermejales I'd say you may to take a look at Gazebo simulator, since there are several robotic arms already simulated based on a 3D model and you will be able to manipulate it in the simulator as well.

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