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Using cross compile in windows for ARM use.

  • Hi All,

    Is it possible to design code in windows and compile for ARM used?
    If can, does anyone has a document or website refer to this request?

    Thanks in Advanced!

  • @victor-wang

    Yes, it is possible. In general you need to find a cross-compiler for ARM device that works also on windows. From there you can start. If you have already a development board you can check the support of the manufacturer for cross-compilers and their advice.

    I have done this for beaglebone and RPi. However, personally I have chosen to go through desktop linux in a VirtualBox, because both ARM devices used also linux OS. Therefore, cross-compiling on a desktop linux was more straight forward.
    The cross-compilation on windows is also possible, but seem to be a bit more complicated.

  • @victor-wang

    I have chosen to go through desktop linux in a VirtualBox

    As @koahnig said , maybe using a VM for your development machine will save you time and headaches, since most of the toolchains for cross-compiling are available for Linux as first option

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