QtGraphicsView collision problem

  • Hello all! I'm glad to be in this forum.
    Sorry if i posted in the wrong section. :S

    I am still newbie to Qt ( just started learning few days ago. )
    I have read the tutorials and docs, now i am currently trying to make a simple sidescrolling game using QGraphicsView,
    for learning purposes.

    What I have in mind is, I create a class derived from QGraphicsItem for the track. ( Track consists of QGraphicsItem objects )
    @class Block: public QGraphicsItem

    and I create another class, derived from QGraphicsItem too for the character that runs on top of the Block objects.

    @class Character: public QGraphicsItem

    This way, lets say the track consists of 50 Block class instances and they are constantly moving to the left ( x- - )
    and destroyed once they are out of the QGraphicsView.

    My question is about the physics. I want to add some obstacle to the track, for example add a gap between the Block instances
    so the Character have to jump to avoid it. But i just can't understand how to, for example, make the Character 'freefall' down if it's not standing on top of a Block instances, or the Character gets pushed if there's a Block instances in front of him.

    I thought I'd just make a collision detection function on Block class definition, using:
    @virtual bool collidesWithItem ( const QGraphicsItem * other, Qt::ItemSelectionMode mode = Qt::IntersectsItemShape ) const@
    but the function needs QGraphicsItem * other parameter. So somehow i need to pass a pointer-to-Character object.

    Am i in the right direction?

    sorry for the newbie question,
    thank you for your help! :)

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