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CodeWarrior Compiler

  • I need help.
    I would like to add the CodeWarrior compiler on the Qt Creator development environment under the Windows operating system.. is it possible? if yes, can you tell me how to do it? please

  • @Domenico you may want to take a look at Adding Compilers from Qt Creator documentation.

    Please keep in mind that a compiler is one of the components of a kit, so you may also want to look at Adding Kits from Qt Creator documentation

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    Last time i saw CodeWarrior it was an integrated ide and no standalone compiler
    but might it changed over the years?

  • sorry for the delay, unfortunately it has not changed is always the same .. and I would like to insert this compiler under QT creator. @Pablo-J-Rogina I try your advice, thank.

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    It is definitely possible to use alien compilers with Qt Creator - I do it myself.

    Which kind of project do you want to use? I'm mostly using Generic Projects with Makefiles, so Creator does not even need to know my compiler.

    Which kind of projects do you want to support with that compiler? Is it an embedded thing?

  • @aha_1980

    the projects that I would like to compile under the IDE CodeWarrior compiler, are MicroChip projects (.mcp), do you think it is possible to create a MicroChip project and compile it with CodeWarrior under Qt Creator?

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    Hi @Domenico,

    I've not worked with MicroChip so far, so I'd suggest the following:

    1. Compile a project in the "native" MicroChip IDE, try to find the compiler call and the command line switches passed to the compiler
    2. Try running the compiler with these switches from command line prompt
    3. Write a small Makefile utilising these compiler calls to compile a sample project
    4. Create a Makefile-based Creator project:
    5. You can now compile your project from Creator. Creator call make with parameter all to build and clean to clean the project
    6. To parse the compiler errors in Creator, you might setup a Custom Compiler:

    Note that this is my way of using alien, embedded compilers. There might be other ways, but for me that's a very simple and usable setup. It is a bit of task at first time, but once you get it, very easy to re-use.


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    Yes, it is possible. I already did it for the bare-metal compilers, like IAR, KEIL, SDCC... But for that case I prefer to use the QBS, where too this compilers are added. For this purpose need to add some code to the QtC and QBS... A main problem there is an integration with the debugger (it is so hard to implement).

    Of course, you can try to add your compiler as a "Custom Compiler" (as talked above), without modification of QtC code, but in that case you have not:

    1. Highlighting of a system/compiler includes is not available.
    2. Highlighting of a compiler macroses is not available.
    3. A complex content of a Makefile.
    4. And, maybe something else (like parsing of a compiler warnings and errors).. :)

    So, if you want to make your contribution in the QtC, then I advise you to do just that (you can look on QtC sources, especially to the bare-metal plugin sources). I can help for you here a bit. But for that needs a compiler description (its flags, options and etc for different architectures).

  • Hi @aha_1980 @kuzulis,

    thank you very much for the excellent information. sooner or later I'll try and let you know! Thanks again!

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