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Fundamental design issue in my app.

  • I am working on a -like application but for the Qt framework and Python 3.x.

    I have two features:
    * Restart from pickle (pretty much everything is now pickleable with my lib, including pyqtSignals)
    * Restart from scratch (restart from source and don't unpickle any saved session)

    So I was working on my app, and I hit 'F4' to go to the main window's source, edited the title statically in the source code, and hit 'F5' to restart. I noticed that the title no longer changed. But this is because I was doing the first method above.

    However, if I only restart the whole thing from source code (scratch), then I lose all my widget positions which are stored via pickling.

    Therefore what should I do? Should I convert all the widget's pickled members into code statements?


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