[Solved] Compiling from scratch is compiled project

  • Hi! I have a strange bug - when I compile the project, he always compile from scratch, even if you have not changed the original files. Moreover, I use the "Build" (Ctrl + B) then immediately "Run" (Ctrl + R) - but again he rebuilt and then run. Cyclic dependencies in the source code does not. Other projects are compiled correctly. Thanks for your help.

    OS: Win7 x64
    Qt: 4.7.4
    Qt Creator (with MinGW): 2.3.0

  • I assume you are talking about Qt Creator rebuilding everything? I am not aware of bugs that have that effect.

    First interesting bit of information: Does Qt Creator rerun qmake all the time?

    Are you aware that you can tweak the behaviour of Ctrl-R in Tools->Options->Project (IIRC)? You can ask it not to deploy before running or not to build before deploying.

  • The problem was solved. Last modified some files were later than today.

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