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How to write a deploy task?

  • At the moment I've been using qmake to compile and run my project inside of the Qt Creator IDE. I'm at the point where I'd like to create a script to bundle up the files I've created to build an installer. Other IDEs I've used have had build environments that let you write additional tasks.

    I'd like to create a target to compile a release build of my code, copy it and some relevant DLLs to a deployment directory and then run a script to bundle them into an installer. Can this be done using qmake? Would I be better writing a script that is run from the command line? Can this be integrated into the IDE in any way?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    well there is the
    Windows Deployment Tool
    that you can run.

  • Thanks, but my question wasn't about deploy tools as much as it was about extending the Qt Creator IDE with perhaps a scripting language? Writing a deployment task is simply the most immediate thing I would like to do with it.

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    well qmake can already call command/shell scripts so that goes a long way to automating stuff.

    However, Since QtCreator is plugin based, you can write a plugin that can utilize its data model for various tasks.
    Python should work fine for a scripting language since it already has Qt bindings.
    Would be pretty cool but would take quite some work.


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