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Is Qt 5.12 for WebAssembly 3d module supported?

  • Hi,

    I've succesfully built Qt 5.12 for WebAssembly and I can compile some projects just fine.

    I'm building on Windows 10 using WSL Ubuntu 18.04. When I try to "make module-qt3d" I get the following info:
    "Some of the required modules (qtConfig(opengl):!wasm) are not available.

    Does this mean the 3d module is unusable on Qt for Wasm, or am I missing some dependencies to build it? Or something entirely else?

  • I saw that the newest Qt 5.13 beta has prebuilt Qt for WebAssembly and that does not contain the 3d module so I assume it is not yet supported.

  • Qt3D module is not supported by Qt for WebAssembly due to it's use of multi-threads.

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