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How to get resources and QML files to appear in Library>Resources / Library>QML Types

  • Hey, I am trying to edit forms using the design mode in qt. I have added a png image to resources and am able to add that image to a rectangle using qml code, so the image is in the correct directory. The image does not appear in the Library>Resources section though. It would be convenient to be able to drag and drop an image onto my canvas. I also can't view qml files in the Library>QML types section after importing qml files. I must just be misunderstanding how you can use qml files/resources in the design editor. Any pointers?

    update: It seems like rebuilding the project fixed the resources issue. They now appear and can be dragged onto my form. Still unsure about the qml files. After importing them/including the libraries I can manually add objects with code. But I would still like to drag and drop them onto my ui form using library>QML types.

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